How do DuckDuckGo Search Engine Makes Money

Duckduckgo is genuine search engine that doesn't track visitors personal information using ip and cookie. So that makes it more reliable search engine than google and similar other search engines who make money off user information. That aside duck duck go is startup and a not big project like google. Thought they have their own web index and crawler, most of their searches are taken from bing and yahoo. Some of the results are taken from google as well. 

So how Duckduckgo manages to pay their server bills or electricity bills ? DDG uses ads from yahoo, microsoft pubcenter and amazon or ebay to show relevant ads on right hand sidebar. These ads are shown based on your search term and still they don't catch your personal information. Only keyword based products are shown and if you're using SSL search then no IP is recorded for ad purpose. This is how they make money on their search engine. If you feel like helping DDG or have any interest in their one of the products then don't hesitate to buy from the link.