Maps, Locations and Zero Click Info on DuckDuckGO

Gabriel is working on maps feature on duckduckgo and i have found that mapquest maps looks much better than google maps. When you search for some locations in duckduckgo then you'll be able to view the map in right sidebar. It's not completely rolled out yet but it works for few countries as of now. There is going to be an update for this feature. But those who want to search address or map location for a particular place then duckduckgo can replace google maps or google local soon. 

Take example of 'mannheim germany' query in duckduckgo. You'll get sidebar in the right with directions. This map is fetched from mapquests open platform. So you can get redirection to mapquest for further queries. Do check out this feature and let Gabriel know about this feature with your suggestions and any other feedback at duck.co forum.