Block Behavioral Ad Networks using Ghostery

If you're tired of loading the cookies of alexa, google and other ad or statistic networks while surfing then ghostery should be on your browser. Ghostery makes sure that you don't lose bandwidth while surfing websites when browser makes calls to these malicious ad networks which keep eye on your data. Almost every popular ad network can be easily detected and blocked from downloading data on your browser. You get clean web page surfing experience using ghosery. If you rely purely on "do not track" setting of firefox or chrome then you should definitely consider using ghostery to see what big changes it does for you.

You can block following popular spying ad and analytics scripts on your browser :
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adsense
  • Alexa
  • Quantserve
  • Meebo
  • and many more..

So if you're relying purely on browser's control of "do not track" then consider using ghostery from now on. I think most of the ad networks really managed to bypass browser controls for tracking, this you can test on your own as well. 

Ghostery keeps your blocking data personal and doesn't share with other networks. For more information check ghostery.