Free File Manager Apps for Android

Android mobile and tablets are getting very popular these days and due to their popularity more app developers are getting their apps into the store. Almost every important feature related app is available in android app store. There very slim chances of app not being available in android app store which is found on any other app store like symbian or iphone.

You'll also find that android apps are available in multiple categories like file management and disk management. In this article you'll find some apps related to the file management feature for android operating system that runs on respective tablets and phones.

ES File Explorer  -ES file explorer is small app that let's you explore contents of your device and the card effectively. You can view the files in either icon view or the tile view. Tile view is very effective for this explorer. It also has feature for changing theme and other layouts. You can use search feature to search for the file instead of browsing. Bookmark manager is one nice feature of this file manager. It's just 1.96 MB of file size and cost is free.

 ASTRO File Manager -  I admit this was the biggest app i ever downloaded on android phone. It has size of about 2.19MB which is huge for me considering the speed of GPRS connection. It has feature of sorting files, searching files and layout of icon and list view for easy browsing. It's simple and less cluttered interface in comparison to other android apps. It is basically adware with which they're showing on the app. It's alright considering all the people going free route there needs to be some way to pay bills.

File Expert In comparison to other file managers, this app was small and simple to use. It has option of list and icon view to check the files. It also supports the other options of install/uninstall apps, search, bookmark and file detection and sorting etc. Simple and easy to use app in my opinion.