How to Reduce the Number of Spam Comments on Wordpress Blog

Many new and established wordpress blogs face spam issues a lot. Akismet is popular anti-spam solution but sometimes many blog comments pass through akismet. In order to limit the number of spam comments you have to go pass through akismet and do some changes. In this article you'll find ways to reduce the spam comments on your wordpress blog.  

Akismet - If you're yet to install and activate this plugin then i suggest you to download or activate this plugin from dashboard. This plugin will filter common spam comments from your wordpress blog.  

Comment Cookies - This comment cookies plugin makes sure that bots are not dropping comment to your site. It checks if the user has stylesheet and javascript enabled on his browser. This way many comments can be filtered which are usually from bots.  

WP-Hashcash - It filters out the spam which passes through akismet. Some spam comments are even passed out before akismet can check for hash. Akismet and hash-cash are must for your wordpress blog.  

Bad-Behavior and Spam Karma - If you're serious about comment spam and want to IP-ban users who send regular spam then you can use these two plugins to take effective action on your comment form.

Comment Limit - This limitation can be set from within your wordpress internal settings. Go to wordpress dashboard > Settings > Discussion. You have option to set comment off feature after set period. If your site has time sensitive content then after 180 days you can turn off the comments. This way you can reduce a lot of spam for old posts.  

Remove Comments and Trackbacks - Wordpress Discussion settings has option for removing comments and trackbacks. If you're getting bombarded with lots of spam bots then this is the last option you should opt for. Many celeb and tech blogs are already using this option because they're being targeted for comment spam.

I hope these methods work out for you. If you want to take more effective measure for spam control then i suggest you to ask for help in wordpress support forum.