How to View Nofollow links on Firefox Browser

By default you can't see link attributes on firefox in anyway. You can use various add-ons that are created for firefox in order to view nofollow links on page. In this article you'll find some ways to view nofollow links on your firefox browser.

Method 1 : Nodofollow Add-on This is simple add-on which easily adds itself in right-click context menu. It shows nofollow links using orange color and dofollow links using purple color. You just have to right click on any page and select - nodofollow. When you want to disable the link coloring just right click on page and deselect - nodofollow.

Method 2 : Search Cactus This add-on has many features that you can use for your SE research. One of the feature from this add-on is finding nofollow links. Just enable it and right click on options to view the nofollow links.  

Method 3 : SEO Quake This add-on is for firefox's SEO users and has lot of features which you need during your SE research. This add-on also shows nofollow attribute on page. Other than these three add-ons you can search for nofollow using many other add-ons.

It just that many have that functionality in built in their add-on and not specific like the above add-on. If you want to see more add-ons from firefox repository then try searching on your browser > Tools > Add-ons > Search. You can download more add-ons from within the browser itself using built in feature.