Personal Finance Apps for Android

Android OS is catching up in market pretty quickly than symbian and iOS but there are very few apps available on android. Fortunately for us there are plenty of free and commercial apps released for android in personal finance category. Commercial apps are also worth to check out as many of these apps has features way better than the free apps.

I'm avoiding taxation apps in this hub because i doubt that most of you hardly need those commercial apps. You'll find mix of budgeting, accounting and personal finance apps in this list.  If you use your phone or tablet a lot then you should definitely consider getting these apps on your device.

Budgeting & Personal Finance Apps for Android


Easymoney has now android app which costs nominal 9.95$ and just like desktop version this app also comes with a lot of features. If you're serious about budget,reports and personal finance then definitely consider easymoney app.

Mint.com Personal Finance

This app syncs with your mint.com account web interface and pulls up data related to your debit and credit card. You can do a lot with it like set and reset budget, reports and keep track of spending and savings.


It is free and open source finance manager which can handle multiple accounts, currency and reports and budgets. There is going to be feature for taking backups on google docs soon as it is beta mode feature.

Daily Expense Manager

This is more of budget app that you can use for daily or monthly expenses. It also allows you to take backup of your data regularly and you can transfer the settings to another mobile as well.


Loot app is simple bank account ledger that supports simple budgeting, multiple accounts, repeating transactions, sorting etc. It's very simple software to learn and once installed you'll start with it in matter of minutes.


Moola lite edition is available free of cost and there is no charges you need to pay for it. You can customize categories, create your own category, track bills, transactions and get backup as well. It's very easy to transfer your setting one device to another.

Easy Envelope Budget Aid

This app can sync your budget from 2 phones plus web interface. You can make reports, budget and also track the expenses. Simple interface and does what it claims without any glitches.

Obviously there are more apps for android coming in market, some are good to use while some are too cluttered or difficult to use so above is my personal favorite list. If you have more suggestion for apps feel free to drop in comments.