Frugal Living Tips for College Students

If you're a student and want to save money to pay debt loan or going to start your own business after college or simply wants to save for yourself then frugal living is good option for you.

College or university learning phase is perfect time to save yourself from taxes, un-necessary spending in life. If you take advantage of this time then at the end of the college you'll save a lot of money. If you're not sure of where to spend or how to save money in your college phase then read more for tips on saving.

You can use the money management tips in this hub to save money without having to sacrificing happiness. You can save money on entertainment as well which we'll discuss later in this article. I'm making sure that you'll also enjoy your student phase and on other side save some money for future.

Saving Money Tips for College Students

You can get ideas from these tips and if any of it applies to your situation then consider implementing it to see the change.

  • Text Books - You'll find many expensive text books during your career in university or college. If the scope of any book is limited to the semester then you can instead used book or get it from library on weekly or monthly basis. You can also join book swapping clubs on the internet and use the books you want as long as you need it. If the scope of the book covers entire graduation degree or requires periodic reference throughout the career then and only then buy the book. Get notes and photocopies of the previous exams from university seniors and you don't have to spend extra on that anymore.
  • Transportation - Avoid using car and bike if you can for campus or for dorm. You'll save a lot of money on fuel (gas or patrol) and in turn this will go directly in your savings account. If you use cycle within campus or from place you live to university then you'll also maintain health in between.
  • Music - You don't need to buy ipod or some trendy music player in dorm or college life. You can instead buy a mobile phone that has good capability of playing music and then get a nice pair of headphone. Also download single mp3's which you like to hear and that way you'll save money on albums. Use online mp3 shops like amazon mp3 to download songs at cost less than 99 cents. This will save you money on itunes, ipod and other expensive music spending.
  • Outdoor Spending - Avoid partying during exam times and also avoid getting drunk if you've early morning class. Staying late to watch some TV program, movie or gossip is one more way to get stressed, so keep it in limit. Use coupons to buy food or items in shopping mall. Avoid expensive items if you're on low savings or budget. 
  • Food - Avoid junk food at all costs, this will not only help to maintain health but will also help during exam time. Cut alcohol from your menu if exam is month or week closer, instead take it after exams or during the vacations. If you never got any drink before then avoid it till the last day of your degree, you'll save a lot of money than drunkers. Learn to cook some veg and non-veg recipes which are easy to prepare, cheap and healthy for you. Avoid pepsi, coke and other soda based drinks. Avoid snack bars, instant snacks and processed food, because they're not healthy for longer term.Instead of using average water bottle, use Kor-one bottle which will last for years without causing any harmful plastic reactions. Read more about frugal lifestyle and recipes.
  • On-campus Jobs - You can make money by working for on and off campus jobs. This will help you improve your savings and in between you'll also socialize while working. If there is any job to pick up on and off campus then don't ignore or deny it. It could help you pay for student loan or even get some money in bank account. 
These are some of tips that will save you money during your college or university phase. Make sure you always consult to student counselor if you have any issues with money management or need help related to campus activity, finance etc.