How to use Oxicash Airtel Prepaid Mobile Recharge Voucher

These days many mobile companies are using external services to allow their customer to recharge their mobile. Oxicash is one payment processor company that allows users to recharge their mobile using oxicash voucher. Basically you have to enter the voucher pin to recharge your voucher. These vouchers are available in stores like big bazzar, mobile shoppe and some other small and big retail stores.

How to use these voucher pins

1. Get voucher worth Rs: 60 onwards from the shop which allows oxicash recharge
2. These vouchers contain Tx number, Serial number and voucher pin. Both tx number and serial number is not useful for you to recharge.
3. Look for the voucher pin and dial *101*voucher-pin*#. Or ask to the operator on how to charge using this pin. The instruction in this page applies to Maharashtra based airtel mobiles. So you'll find changes like instead of 101 there will be some another number etc. You need to make those changes as per your region.

Oxicash voucher allows instant recharging for airtel prepaid mobile like any other mobile network recharge vouchers. If in doubt contact your oxicash recharge voucher operator and solve any glitches that you find during recharging. It's better to ask if you have no idea about these recharges.