Making Money online with ShareaSale

If you’re using hubpages with just three advertising network then you’re spreading yourself too thin.

No doubt these three default ad networks (ebay, adsense, amazon) are great and pay enough to cover your rent or burger bill but using affiliate links you can double your earning from your hubs.

What is share a sale ?

Share a sale is affiliate network with over 2000 and growing list of merchants and products. You’ll variety of products to promote and different commission percentage as well.

How it works ?

You need to join shareasale then select the merchant products to promote on your site or blog. If customer purchases any product or subscribes to any service then you’ll get commission on that action. Simple isn’t it ? That’s not all. You’ll get a real time stat of clicks and conversions on your dashboard. Once you reach 50$, you can withdraw your money via wire-transfer(Direct deposit) or check.

What about spam & scam ?

You’ll not get spam by any merchant when you join their affiliate program. Shareasale is also strict about how you’re promoting the offers. You’re not allowed to use adware software, pop-ups or desktop software to promote their offers. Make sure you follow this rule if you wish to earn from this affiliate network. Network staff constantly monitors merchants and affiliates to keep network scam free.

And customer service ?

Whether you’re publisher or merchant, you’ll get good customer service from shareasale. Be it a support from phone, email or twitter you’ll get satisfactory replies from the staff.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the shareasale network.

  • Excellent Tracking and Deep Linking
  • Training Videos
  • No scammy merchants/products
  • No Forced rebill offers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Offers sorted by events, holidays
  • Network staff keep tracks of merchant and publisher which avoids scams/issues

  • Cluttered Navigational interface, less organized and poor structure
  • Merchant Balance Issue
  • Hard to get publisher approval from some merchants
  • No payout via paypal or other online payment processor
  • Longer publisher approval time

Minimum Payout

Only $50.00

Payment Methods

Check or Direct Deposit

You can use their integrated datafeeds to build stores or niche sites quickly. This will save you a lot of time and you’ll get start with your promoting business. Be it publisher or merchant you’ll get benefited in either way if you sign up to shareasale.

My experience With Shareasale

I'm getting paid from them every month on time without fail. Initially i set the amount to 50$ and started getting money the very next month after the sale i.e. after locking period. Now i have set the payment threshold to higher value and i meet the point without any hassles. They have some excellent merchants and tracking system. You'll get paid without having to worry about the leaks that you see in networks like clickbank, commision junction has in their system. It just works simple !

Sign up to Shareasale.