Personal Finance Software for Mac OS

If you own a mac and want to manage your personal finance then there are very few good options out there. Many softwares made for Mac are built keeping in small business accounts in mind and there are hardly any features for which are suitable for solo entrepreneurs or publishers. But there are some softwares which are free that can do the job for both small business and solo entrepreneurs as well. In this hub i'm going to list some good softwares (paid and free) that you can use for managing your personal finance on mac operating system.

Money Manager Ex

I use this software personally to manage some of my in-house and affiliate expenses. It is free software which is secure and portable. Portable feature allows you to take the software to any other place with macintosh installed. The database file can be easily opened in another computer with different OS. All you have to do is carry three different platforms portable software on USB. It is also one secure software that doesn't snoop on your data or connect with internet without any notice.

You can even move your .mdb file to another location while updating the software to add more personal security to file. If you want to manage your bank, home and work expenses, taxes and earnings then this is one good software. There is also online version of this software but personally i prefer to use offline/downloadable version.

Quickbooks (Paid)

This software has more of professional touch and lots of features and customizations which beats any free software out there. You can also input your paypal or other shopping cart transaction history to keep record of your spending. There are some version issues often occur with mac based software but that's acceptable knowing how effective this software is for managing finance.

Buddi (Free)

This is multiple platform personal finance software that has envelope budgeting feature. It can also encrypt your data if you're importing online transactions and history to this software. Default software is enough for solo or small business use but if you want to extend the features then you can use the plugins. It is free software with lots of tutorials, documentation and support from other members.

Microsoft Money Sunset Deluxe (Free)

Microsoft released this software as free of cost because they abandoned their other personal finance software. This software from microsoft also has less chances of survival after 2011 and has some feature limitation. It can't be connected to internet to import data and has limited support for the software. If you're microsoft money plus user then you'll find this software enough for your solo or small business usage. It is free of cost and can be downloaded from the MSN site.

GNUCash (Free)

GNUCash is multi-lingual personal finance software which is available for mac, windows and linux operating system. Gnucash is free software with lots of active developers and community members for support. It is suitable for small business account but can be used for home and solo entrepreneurs usage as well. If you find no other software working for you then this is the only software choice that you have that works on multiple operating systems.

You Need a Budget

This software is also cross platform and is intended for the use from solo entrepreneurs and small business. It is very simple to use software and due to its simplicity there is hardly any learning curve for this software. It gives a snapshot of your spending, earning and that way you can keep track of your finance easily. It is also cheap personal finance software in comparison to other softwares in the market.

Crown Money Map Financial Software

Crown Money map software is for those who heavily work on envelope budgeting and needs similar software to manage the finance. Features are much more than quicken and ace money and allows a lot of customization. Due to heavy customization there is some steep learning curve but still it gets work done. It is also available on multiple operating systems like windows, linux and mac.

I've also another post for blackberry personal finance apps.

Other Personal Finance Software for Macintosh

  •     Acemoney
  •     MoneyWell
  •     Pearbudget
  •     Moneydance
  •     PL Cash
  •     Liquid Ledger
  •     iBank
  •     SplashMoney for Mac
  •     Fortora Fresh Finance
  •     iCash for Mac

Hope this helps to select the right personal finance software for yourself.