Airtel Do Not Disturb Registry for Mobile, Broadband, Landline and DTH Service

Advertisements can be annoying if they rang on your mobile at the wrong time of the day. You may be busy in meeting or some family function and call or sms bugs you every 10-20 minutes for buying or joining something. You'll find it hard to stop those calls because airtle personally wants to sell you more and don't want you to filter their offers. In many cases people have found that airtel support staff downloads ringtones, games on your behalf and charge you immediately without notifying you and it's only visible in the bills. These things are annoying and unless you get into do not disturb registry there is no way you can stop them from abusing you.

Airtel offers and 3rd party advertisers requires manual blocking using do-not-disturb method. You can join this registry to save yourself from annoying calls and recurring auto-joining of offers. If you own airtel sim or broadband then add your number in this form and submit to the service. For airtel landline mobiles there is alternate landline dnd form that requires separate registration. It'll take 24-45 days to process and after that there are no offers or calls from the airtel registry.

Another method to join DND- You can send SMS - "START DND" to 1909 from your Airtel Mobile. Save your DND number in draft or on some notepad (google notebook, evernote etc) so that if you get any promotional offer then you should file a complaint here.

Toll-free number - There is also toll free number that puts you into do not disturb registry and you can avoid those calls. Just call 1909 number which is toll free and from there you can stop the unwanted calls.

In future posts i'll also update the national do not disturb registry numbers for vodafone, reliance and docomo.