Airtel Prepaid GPRS Settings - How to connect to internet using Airtel

Connecting to internet using Airtel GPRS is super easy. Though Airtel GPRS is not as fast as you want but atleast you can check your mails or surf forums at reasonable speed. Follow the procedure mentioned below to connect to airtel GPRS using any of your mobile Phone.

If your mobile has GPRS/3G features then Airtel will send you connection settings as soon as it detects ability of mobile phone to get benefits of these features from their network. If you don't get your mobile detected automatically by Airtel then you should use following number to connect to GPRS service.


This will bring prompt for connecting to GPRS settings. You can then choose the type of plan your want for your prepaid account. Once you choose the plan and send the appropriate options back to airtel they'll send you connection settings. Make sure you save profiles for mobile office and airtel live. You don't need airtel live but there are times when you need to access free services from airtel and it comes handy.

If you open any of the profile for mobile office account then you'll find it has following entries :

  • APN - airtelgprs.com
  • Proxy server address:
  • Proxy port number: 8080

Note : There is no username and password for profiles. These fields are blank and you're supposed to keep it blank while making new connections on windows networking>new connections interface. You can use these settings to create dial-up account on your windows operating system. Using these settings you can create a dialer which will connect you to airtel GPRS service.

If you've a Sony Ericson's phone then you should use their software -'Mobile networking wizard' to use Airtel GPRS service as it makes it easy for you to create dialer on your system. Same goes for other handsets like Nokia, HTC as they offer mobile networking and file manager software, things become much easier for you to control.