Vodafone Do Not Disturb Registry - SMS and Web Form

Vodafone like any other telecommunication operator allows you to protect your privacy with do not distrub registry. By enabling do not disturb registry service using sms or call, you'll find that vodafone customer service will not charge you for some random un-necessary service or auto ringtone or app download. This will save a lot of your money which is usually wasted if you're not using do not disturb. I found that those loan calls or other ads stopped once i started to subscribed to the service. Some advertisers do slip by this limitation like Dr batra's mobile spam or email spam but it's easy to stop them.

Why enable do not registry service ?
  • To avoid customer service people to charge you for random ringtone downloads
  • To avoid charges for the stuff that you don't use
  • To avoid accidental download charges for the stuff that is sent by company to you
  • To avoid third part ads or spam
  • To avoid getting your number in telecallers list
  • To avoid getting bugged by ads/spam/telecaller at the wrong time (office meeting)
How to Register for Vodafone Do Not Disturb Service

There are two ways to register for the do not disturb service.

Sign up to the service using online form on vodafone site. You can enable partial or full control on do not disturb registry. Once enabled you'll get number which you need to keep in safe place to unregister if needed in future. Web form usually takes more time than manual SMS subscription to do not disturb registry.

SMS subscription option-

Send SMS ' START DND' to 1909


Dial 1909 from your vodafone mobile.

How to Stop Do Not Disturb Registry

It's recommended that you should not stop this service at all. In case you need some spam to entertain you in boring life then you can sign up to remove do not disturb registry. :D

Send SMS - 'STOP DND' to 1909.

All these sms are free as per their service policy but some people claimed that they charged 2 rs for the sms. It happens only in india. If you need more help related to do not disturb service then you should contact to customer care for further help.