PPF Payment using Cheque Deposit at Local Bank Branch

Public provident funds can be deposited using cheque, online banking and by cash. If you opt for the online banking you need to have account at SBI branch and also need to operate the netbanking. In case of cheque, you have a very good option to pay at your own branch, without standing in line or making mistakes with net banking.

Make sure that you're depositing this cheque at branch where you opened your PPF account or other nearby branch of same bank.

You can fill out the cheque deposit in the following way.

You have to use your own cheque book to issue cheque on your own name with PPF account name added to the cheque information. You have to also attach the deposit slip with this cheque so that you can have the proof for tax return that you paid this cheque. You have to also show the PPF passbook for the same.

Please take a look at this image and see how to fill it.

I hope this simple information helps you.