Save Money during Debt and Taxes


Read as much as you can about going debt free. Go frugal. Read more about frugal lifestyle and go debt free easily. You can read book of David Bach "Debt Free for Life". Other than that there are many other books and blogs to read.

Shop with Discount Coupons and Thrift Options

You can save a lot of money with discount coupons from Buy.com and Tigerdirect. That way you can save more than 10 or so bucks on products and shipping. Also make use of the ebay and the thrift stores.

Don't Spend on Useless Things

If you have a laptop and desktop, there is no use of tablet, unless you can afford it or need it badly. That is much better way to save money which you can spend on something else.

Stock Food

There are pantries and the food mart that offer the packaged food at much lower cost or none at all. This saves you a lot of money and you can direct the funds to the other parts. 

Avoid Vehicles

It is good idea to be healthy by walking or running. It is also a good way to keep the monthly fuel costs down this way.