Liberty Reserve Alternatives

Liberty reserve owner got arrested on saturday may 2013. Now that you need to find another alternative payment processor for your money transfer. Here are some of the options for you.

Okpay : Accepted in most of the online money making program, shops and some of the service based sites too. It is expensive on the bank transfer side but there are some cash exchangers for local region and also there are other options. Fees are also low and you don't pay much for internal transfers, which is good. Sign up to okpay payment processor.

Payza : formerly alertpay and now payza, is not cheap and has limits on withdrawal, like very few countries having card and bank withdrawal option. You can find most of the online exchangers accepting payza for their own usage. After Liberty reserve, the demand for payza is high. Sign up to payza payment processor.

Solid trust pay : It has some issues in terms of the conidtions which do restrict people to limit the transfer per day but it is good payment process worth using. And the rates are also low compared to many other payment processors. If you want to transfer money at cheap rates compared to payza then solid trust pay is a good option.

Webmoney : It is one of the discreet currency that is running on the web for quite some time. It has origin in russia and the money can be withdrawn to many places all over the world. That said, webmoney purse and exchangers are very good to manage compared to many other payment processors. Sign up for webmoney payment processor.

Alternatively there is perfect money and HD money that you can use.