Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers

Freelancers often take billable work and tracking time is very important in such case. Time tracking softwares are not only useful for keeping track of billable hours but also to keep track of projects and to-do lists. If you have issues with productivity then make a habit of tracking time using time tracking software.

Why track Time ?
There are many reasons to track time if you’re freelancer or work from home or maintain online business.

Some of the reasons are -
  • Tracking Billable Hours – You’ll be able to quote the price of your service more accurately if you track your billable hours daily.
  • Project Slots – If you work on multiple projects everyday then tracking time helps you keep track of project slots.
  • Tracking deadlines – Timers help you keep eye on deadlines and they help you get the work done.
  • Managed Routine – You’ll be able to effectively manage time.
Let’s take a look at some of the time tracking softwares.

Software – Browser Dependent.
Type – Free and Paid.

Tick is an excellent project tracking software that support multiple users, projects and reporting. It also has integration option for basecamp users. You can use tick from your basecamp dashboard. There is a free plan which has limit of 2 projects and some other feature limitations. If you find it effective for your project management then you can sign up to plan – as per your project needs.

Slim Timer
Software – Browser Dependent.
Type – Free and Paid.

Slim timer is free task timer that helps you track projects and also lets you share it with co-workers and managers. All you have to do is click on timer when you start working on project and mark it off if you completed the task. Once you’re done you don’t have to keep browser window open, just close it. You can run your reports to show them to your manager and co-workers. It is simple project tracking software and they do have a free plan as well.

Software – Browser Dependent.
Type – Paid

This app not only lets you manage tasks but also lets you invoice the project based on the time. It is also very easy to use. It supports every web browser and mobile device for the time tracking. Service is free during trial period and you have to pay 12$/month there after. They charge for the service based on user access and all the plans have same features. So if you’re solo or small team then you’ve less to spend on this service.

Standard Time
Software – Desktop
Type – Paid

Standard Time or in Stdtime is a desktop software that allows small teams and businesses to manage projects and track time. They have volume license and the product is more suitable for small teams instead of solo developer. It is windows desktop software and also supports Palm OS and pocket PC. It is not suitable and affordable for solo developer.

On the Job
Software – Desktop (Mac)
Type – Paid

On the job is mac based software that lets you track time and issue invoices. It supports multiple currencies and lets you configure hourly and task based billing. For 39.95$ you get everything you get enough features of tracking software on your desktop.

Software – Desktop (All platforms)
Type – Paid

Fanurio has smart idle time detection feature which is perfect feature for freelancers. You can track time for your projects and bill clients based on the spent time. There is also reporting feature which makes it easy for you to manage invoices and small team time tracking.

Time Doctor
Type: Paid
Plans: 9.99$ onwards

From Larry Hill Comment : I believe that time tracking apps are very useful for freelancers. Another is managing time efficiently is essential to freelancers. These way freelancers can finish tasks on time and meet deadlines. There are also different uses of time tracking tools beside from tracking time. It can also help freelancers bill clients easily for the number of hours work. There are also different time tracking tools all over the internet that can be use. It depends on what you needed most.