Alertpay Payza to Indian Bank account Wire Transfer Guide

Payza aka alertpay doesn’t accept the bank transfer option for Indian customers anymore because of the policy of bank status of payment processors in India. Payza already being limited in number of ways of money withdrawal makes it more difficult for you to get the money out of account. For Indian members the only option seems to be working is bank wire transfer.

Important Information

If you’re making money via freelancing or by affiliate marketing then it is better to open your account with banks like ICICI, HDFC, Citi and Kotak. These banks are much quicker to respond when it comes to remittance and customer support queries. Government banks and the other less popular banks employees are often not aware of the SWIFT, BIC and other codes which are important for receiving money. It is upto you to get the details regardless of the bank in any case.

SWIFT Code : This number can be acquired by emailing the support team of the bank. You can also get this number from the internet, If you Google the bank name and SWIFT code keyword then there are plenty of sites to point you towards available swift code.

Bank Code or IFSC code: If there is mention of bank code then make sure that you don’t confuse this code with anything other than IFSC code. IFSC codes are the only way by which banks are connected together in india for NEFT money transfer.

BIC Code: Often not needed if you’re entering SWIFT code. You can ask for the code by personally visiting the branch or simply sending an email to central support system. Note that BIC code has more digits than SWIFT code for Indian banks.

Branch Code
: Last 4 digits of IFSC Code or Bank code explains the branch code. For example, ICICI bank IFSC code ICIC0000166 shows branch code of 0166.

Option 2: Payza Bank Transfer

Payza recently started their bank transfer feature. This feature is different from bank wire because payza is doing the currency conversion for customers. You have to first send them documents like PAN card and License copy. These two are needed to verify your identity and also to keep track of your funds going to the bank.

  • Upload License copy (scanned)
  • Upload PAN Card (scanned)

Now add the bank details in the specific text fields.

Once you add your bank you can then withdraw the payza funds in indian rupees. Note that the withdrawal costs minimum 250 INR. So make sure you are withdrawing more than 20 USD$ or else you may not find much amount after bank transfer.

Note: If you have any questions related to these codes by all means go and visit the branch where you have an account. Do not at any cost use wrong codes. It could result in reversal in the payment which will cost you a lot of fees including loss of processing fee which you paid earlier for payza.

One more suggestion – Start accepting money via payoneer or paypal and use the same information to get the money via ACH or bank transfer. Alertpay aka payza is very costly payment processor and you should save money instead of wasting it on wire transfer and bank processing fees.