Amazon WebPay for India

Amazon is not just webstore but also a web payment processor with lowest possible transactions. For those who have account with web pay find it less painful and less restrictive than paypal. Paypal is turning out to be less useful for the freelancers or software developers, designers from india who wish to accept donations, small amount money and hold it in their account. As per RBI’s policy- no payment processor shall hold money of indian resident on online account unless they’re authorized bank.

This is the reason sites like paypal, xoom are becoming less friendly to indian users. Paypal is only good for receiving money from outstation clients and withdrawing to your bank. Amazon is similar payment processor that allows you to accept money or send money to another amazon web pay user or credit card holder. You’ll be able to send money to any credit/debit card holder who is capable to accept money online in order to you send money to him.

Amazon Web Pay and India – Limitations

Amazon web pay currently doesn’t allow you to get donation button or even create account to send or receive money. Amazon webpay dashboard if triggered by indian user shows a sign up form which is restricted to USA as residential country. There is no listing of “india” in their web form. You can try login in from your previous amazon.com signin but result will be the same as they redirect you to sign up form before making any further account under webpay.

Note: This is the observation from indian user on March 11, 2011 and in future amazon may update this policy. So if in doubt you should login to webpay and verify this yourself.

Unfortunately amazon is not currently allowing webpay feature for indian users. If this changes anytime soon in future, i’ll edit this post. Amazon web pay is not going to be paypal alternative any time soon unless merchants and the users take this matter into their hands and move the payment processing to platform agnostic company.

How to Shop at Amazon Without Webpay Processor ?

You don’t need to open web pay account with amazon. You can use credit card, debit card (with internet banking facility), gift cards and travel cards for shopping. You can use IDBI Debit card for shopping on amazon. If you’ve account with HDFC then you can generate HDFC netsafe card number and use them to shop on amazon. It is possible to use union bank, UTI bank debit cards to shop or spend online where there is amazon web pay processor.