Entropay Plastic Mastercard for Indians

Entropay is one stop shop for all your virtual credit card number generation needs. Their service is perfect for those banks who cant provide VCC numbers to their clients. In case of india, IDBI/Union Bank don’t provide facility for VCC number generation.

So customers of these banks are supposed to use entropay for the online shopping. In this service you have to load the virtual card with the specific amount and use it or renew it whenever you wish. Security, anonymous shopping and flexibility of this services gives more protection to your credit or debit card.

Entropay has service for plastic mastercard as well. This is similar to your prepaid debit card from the bank but difference is that you can use this card for online shopping. In case of IDBI/SBI/UB you don’t get debit card which are usable for online shopping.

The cards that you get from any indian bank gives you ability to check online bank balance, ATM withdrawals and can use it to issue money within india. It has nothing to do with online shopping and if any of that card has maestro sign then you can’t even use the card for VCC generation on entropay or in any way online purpose.

In such situation getting a plastic card is the best option for both offline and online needs.

Recently RBI got strict with their rules and enforced money transfer rules over international platforms. Because of this restriction following changes happened -

  •     No foreign bank can issue pre-paid, debit, credit card to indian citizen unless that bank has branch in india. (If they issued somehow then cards issued by the services are unusable in any indian ATM machines.
  •     Foreign payment processors like okpay, moneybookers, UWC and few other services can’t issue credit or pre-paid debit card to indian citizens. (Because of this payoneer, neteller and many other services were closed for indians as well).
  •     Indians can’t use any foreign payment processor to transfer money from one indian account to another. Because of this reason paypal and other payment processors had issue transferring money from one indian members account to another.

Coming back to entropay plastic card, these changes affected to their service as well. Recently i sent an email to their support service and found out that they can no longer issue any plastic card to indian citizen.

So basically indian users are stuck with one way payment solutions (i.e.get money on bank or payment processor account). In order to tackle this issue every person who wishes to buy anything from offshore shops is supposed to purchase credit card. In short, indians are not eligible for entropay or any other service that issues pre-paid debit card (until government fixes things).