Ergonomic Chair for Freelancers and Home Office

If you work from home as a Freelancer then Ergonomic Chair can make your posture more comfortable. It also avoids the possibility of back-pains and other stress injuries. Your sitting arrangement can play a vital role in the productivity and your health. It is better to take care of health while you are not affected with posture Injuries rather than working on them later.

Why Ergonomically Correct Chairs are needed?

You spend a lot of time on the computer to do your work, during this time body part below waist is going to be less active which contributes to many stress injuries like Cramps, Blood Clogging and Fat Saturation. This sort of sedentary activity also leads to Fistula, Hemorrhoid and other injuries. So you need to find Ergonomically Correct Chairs to make yourself comfortable while working on computer. Such chairs and desk helps prevents a lot of stress injuries if not all.

When it comes to the Ergonomic Chair there are plenty of options available out there in the market. Some of the brands of chairs are made especially for the home office and the computer users. However some chairs and the desk are quite expensive and that too because of the brand popularity and quality. Let’s take a look at some of the budget options and then we’ll also see options where money is no object.

Ergonomic Chairs in Budget Price 

EQA Home CoolMesh Synchro – Perfect value for money chair. If you compare with other chairs at this price, you get much better chair in terms of comfort. If you sit all day on computer then surely this is the chair that you should be looking in your tight budget.

Lorell Executive Mesh Chair – This chair comes in four different configurations, you can get one as per your ergonomic requirements. If you plan to get one, make sure you choose the mesh bottom, makes it easy to clean and maintain the chair. For home office and freelancing office needs, this chair is perfect.

If Money is no Object

Herman Miller Mira Chair – These chairs are inexpensive version of Aeron chairs and they are quite comfortable too. Chair comes in two different mesh models and also has multiple color varieties. Another variety of the Herman miller to look for is – Embody chairs.

SteelCase Leap Chair - Comfortable and medium priced chair. It’s not expensive like Aeron chair and not low priced either. It is very easy to adjust the height and arm-set using the knobs. Seat is also very comfortable and doesn’t get hot even after prolonged sitting. Perfect chair If you have back pain issues.

There are many other chairs to list here. Considering the budget of the small home office workers and freelancers, I have listed the one that fit the budget. I wanted to keep the list short so that I won’t end up listing expensive chairs even though they fit the criteria. If you can’t see the chair that worked for you in this list, feel free to mention about it in comments.