Filing W-8BEN Form for Indian Affiliates, Bloggers and Freelancers

If you’re working as an affiliate or blogger with brands in united states then you’ll often stumble across taxation issues from united states. For those who work with merchants or ad networks from united states are supposed to fill up non-us activity form (W-8BEN). This form ensures that you’ve no business in the US and are only working with business/brands in united states. This form exempts hosting, domain registration and some other minor transactions made by non-us residents. You’re required to fill this form only once per ad-network or affiliate network during initial sign up procedure or during their taxation record keeping period.
How to Send W-8BEN Form to Affiliate/Ad Network
  • Download W-8BEN form from IRS website here.
  • Fill Up the form and scan it in PDF format to use it in future.
  • You can fax the hard copy to your ad/affiliate networks fax number.
  • If you don’t have fax machine nearby then you can use online free fax services like this to send your pdf.
You need to stay in touch with your affiliate manager if there is any other document to fill up. If your income goes more than 10,000$ US then chances are there that you’ll be required to file few other forms as well with your affiliate manager/brand. Note- You need to consult with your tax consultant/legal advisor if the above information doesn’t apply to your case.