Fiverr Marketplace for Indian Freelancers and Bloggers

Fiverr seems to be catching freelance market rapidly and many buyers are getting their small task done in just five dollars. The reason fiverr model is making more money for some freelancers is because clients can get their tiresome task done at low cost.

Tasks like article writing, logo design, video and few other tasks are possible with fiverr marketplace. There are many other weird marketable ideas that you can see in fiverr featured offers. You can get paid for your skills like – sketching, videos, voiceover, graphics, writing and many other sellable skills. Only catch here is you’ve to fit your skills and quality in pack of 5$ or five bucks. You can break your skills into multiple tasks and get order that costs over 5$. For indian freelancers and bloggers this is good opportunity.

Why Fiverr ?

If you’re writing for any other professional media service or blog network then chances are there that you get work in terms of scheduled posting. Once this work is done you’re likely to have some free time in which you can do other clients work or work on freelance projects. In such case these small projects or gigs are likely to bring you trickle of money.

Fiverr lets you choose whether you want to work with client or not, so if you’re busy then you can to withdraw the bid or offer. You can also take your gigs offline while you’re busy with other work.

  •     If you’ve no work during weekends and want to make some extra cash the fiverr gigs is good idea.
  •     You get paid via paypal once even if you make single sale (which worths 4$ after fiverr cut).
  •     You don’t need to do complex tasks for such low cost, you can do simple tasks/work for client which they think is tiresome.

Fiverr for Indian Freelancers

If you’re indian freelancer then you need to watch out one thing though. Fiverr fees per gig are 1$ and paypal cuts 30 cents to 60 cents+ depending on their conversion rate and processed amount. So if you’re doing some tasks which costs more than 5$ for freelancing work then you should keep gigs in control. For example, if you market your article writing skills at fiverr for say 500 word article for 5$ whereas you charge 10$ for 500 words then you’re wasting your time. This is because you’re getting paid in between 3$ -3.60$ per gig once processed by paypal. So you need to make sure that you don’t pick gigs which eats your freelancing time.

What type of projects/gigs to market on Fiverr ?

You can market almost any weird idea which attracts buyers. Take a look around the site and see what ideas are making to the top or featured. Alternatively you should choose the type of gig based on your skill set or comfort. Make sure you deliver your project in time else you’ll not get paid. These are some high demand gigs on fiverr that freelancer wrtiers/designers can get into –

  •     Article Writing
  •     Article Rewriting
  •     Logo Design
  •     Banner Design
  •     Postcard Design
  •     Wedding Frame Design
  •     Personal Sketch
  •     Photo to Cartoon Conversion
  •     Blog Posting
  •     Blog Design
  •     Theme Design
  •     Plugin Development (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)

If you want to earn consistent 5$ when you’ve no freelancing clients then fiverr is one good option. There are some other clones of fiverr which you can try for projects of higher amount than 5$. Hope this helps to beginners freelancers, bloggers and if you’ve suggestions, comments then feel free to post them.