Freelance Writing Jobs Sites for Indians

Last few years many freelance writing sites changed their policies in such way that it is really hard to land into offshore freelance writing job. In this post i’m going to list some of the best freelance writing job sites that are open to Indian freelance writers. Before signing up to any of these sites – make sure you read the terms and conditions, payment methods and member reviews before investing time with any site. I’m listing freelance writing sites with both upfront and impression based system.

Upfront Payment Writing Job Sites

Freelancer - This site uses bidding system that allows buyer to set up job and accept bids of varying price. If you’re new freelance writer then obviously you need to bid lowest possible amount to get better ratings. Once you get enough ratings from such gigs then you can bid the amount with which you’re comfortable. Freelancer pays you via paypal, payoneer and webmoney to indian users. If you don’t want to choose paypal as payment method then see if there is any other alternative created by freelancer.com for indians.

oDesk - Network with serious jobs and merchants. You need to clear few tests before taking some gigs and based on your score in the tests, you’ll get gigs. It is always beneficial to score high in these tests as they give you more exposure and buyers are more likely to select you. Indians, being a non-native english speaker will find it hard to get some gigs. In such case make sure you get higher scores in tests and make sure the quality of your writing in every gig is good.

Constant Content – You’ll hardly find high paying jobs initially on reputable freelance writing sites. In such case constant content is one good site to start your freelance writing career. If your writing is of good quality then you’ll get better gigs that pays 20-100$ per assignments or project. Editorial standards are tough on average writers but if you’re a good writer then those standards are just part of routine work for you.

Elance – There are literally hundreds of freelance writing jobs on elance. If you manage to get those jobs then make sure you complete them before deadline. Late work is likely to afffect your rankings and in turn you’ll find it hard to get new gigs. You can start your trail by taking low bid projects and later move on to moderate and competitive pricing bids.

People Per Hour – Site is UK based and taregts freelancers from europe region. You need to take tests like odesk and elance and build portfolio by taking low bid jobs. You can also pick escrow system in your projects once you get the feel of writing projects and want to protect your work.

Chilibreeze – Indian company that accepts both offshore and local clients. They have strict quality controls but if you’re looking for freelance writing jobs then try applying for this local company before taking offshore clients.

Impression Based and Revenue Sharing Freelance Writing Jobs

Impression based or revenue sharing based writing jobs allows writers to post article on website and share revenue which is generated by google adsense, microsoft ad center etc.

Infobarrel - You’ll get 75% adsense, chitika and amazon impressions on your articles. The money generated during these impressions goes directly to your respective ad network account.

Hubpages – Revenue sharing 60% for the writer and 40% reserved for the company. You’ll be able to use amazon,ebay, adsense and official ad program of Hubpages which pays via paypal.

Wikinut – UK based revenue sharing site – 50% revenue split. They pay via paypal payment processor and you can’t use adsense, amazon or other ad network links on articles.

Note : Avoid posting your articles to xomba, helium, associated content, ehow and factoidz. These networks don’t delete your content if you request them and continue to earn money on your articles impressions even if you delete account or get banned from their site for requesting removal.

Writing Standards for Freelance Writing sites
I need to explicitly mention this because one wrong move from a single freelancer brings out bad name for the whole country or for other freelance writers from india. I’m not into freelance writing but still i always prefer to improve my writing as much as possible.
  • No Tyopos – Typos will get your article or gig rejected in almost every network.
  • No Grammar Mistakes – Though English is not our first language but still you need to brush up your english writing skills before applying for these jobs.
  • No Quick Money/Scam Mentality – Forget quick money and scammy thinking in freelance writing job as it’ll put you in shaky position no matter where you apply for gig.
I tried to cover as much possible information related to freelance writing jobs for indians, hope this helps to new Indian freelance writers.