HDFC Netsafe Cards – Paypal Alternative for Indians to Shop Online

Paypal is really going down when it comes to co-operating with indians and government. Paypal team denied to follow the RBI rule and now they’re stopping account balance feature for users. You can guess from this how hard it is going to be for users to shop online without paypal.

Many users who can’t get credit card due to their low earning from online and offline works will surely suffer with such action from paypal. In any case we need to prepare ourselves in such condition and look for the alternatives. Earlier i managed to find the paypal alternative solution for IDBI bank users and now i’m going to show you how you can use HDFC bank account to get over the limitation of paypal.

Netsafe Cards - This virtual credit card is one-stop solution for all your worries related to paypal. You don’t need to use paypal anymore if you’re going to shop using these cards. You don’t need to verify paypal account using these cards as these cards are virtual and will stop working after 48 hours. Just fill the amount you want to spend on these cards and use it online. No paypal or any other payment processor needed. Your original debit and credit card number is also not shown using this card.

How to Use Netsafe Cards

  •     Get savings account at HDFC bank (Min balance 5000/rs onwards)
  •     Make sure you apply for internet banking and ATM card.
  •     Go to Netsafe website and register your ATM cards or other debit cards on this portal.
  •     Decide the amount you want to spend online and generate a unique virtual card number.
  •     Use this number to shop online or to pay bills, recharge subscriptions etc.
  •     After 48 hours this card number will be un-usable.

If your card has visa logo then you need to click on verified by visa procedures for further instructions. Cards with mastercard logo comes with different set of instructions to generate virtual card number.

Note 1: You can’t use these virtual cards to verify your paypal account or any other payment processor account like entropay or etc. Any site with scheduled payments or recurring payments don’t accept virtual card number.

Note 2: Your un-used amount in the card will be reverted back to your debit card or savings account. So don’t worry if you unable to use the virtual card to the last cents possible.