How to Get a Credit Card – Guide for Indian Freelancers, Affiliates and Bloggers

In last 2-3 years there is a rise in amount of people working online or as a freelancer, blogger or affiliate from india. By choosing a route of income stream that has not been treated as consistent by banks, it becomes hard for you to get a credit card.

Though some of you earn more from freelancing, blogging or affiliate marketing than regular 9 to 5 jobs, it’s still hard to convince the bank authorities or people to process your credit card application. In such case you can get credit card based on your fixed deposits or savings account’s transaction consistency. In this article i’m going to show you how you can get credit card from some of the banks in india. If you need more accurate assistance then check the customer service center of the brands mentioned in this post.

Axis Bank Credit Cards – Bank allows you to keep fixed deposit in any of their branch and then you can apply for credit card. So you need a decent amount (as per bank’s terms) to keep as fixed deposit in the bank before you can apply for credit card. You can get more information about axis bank cards here.

Union Bank Credit Cards – Like Axis bank you can keep fixed deposit to get credit card from this bank. For more information on union bank credit cards, click here.

IDBI Credit Cards – IDBI issues international debit/visa card which can be used for online trasactions but can’t be used for paypal verification. Card Number is also open to merchant so this is not secure and hence it’s better to get credit card to verify under payment processor like paypal. You can use IDBI bank debit card on paxum or entropay to work with your visa virtual card which is one way to get around the need of credit card for online shopping. They don’t have credit card plans on their own as of now but they issue credit cards application via SBI bank (consult your bank branch for more info).

HDFC Credit Cards – There are many types of credit cards available for HDFC account holders and the criteria varies depending on the credit limit and the applicant. They’ve online form that you need to fill up then their customer service agent calls you for credit card application assistance. You can read more about HDFC credit card here.

ICICI Credit Cards – ICICI has many plans for freelancers/affiliates/bloggers to choose from and depending on your credit limit, it’s possible for you to get application approved. Try to pick credit card that allows you to spend online at minimum monthly due charges.

SBI Credit Cards – SBI card is not my favorite due to their restrictions and weird card plans. But if you don’t get card from any other bank then chances are there that you’ll get approval from SBI if you keep fixed deposits in their bank.

Few things to note -

  •     If your freelancing income is under 1.5lakh/anum then chances are there that you’ll find it hard to get application approved by any bank. Most of the new freelance users have this income level for quite some time because of their lower earning.
  •     Get debit card that allows online purchase feature in case if you get denied for credit card from the above mentioned banks.
  •     Try not to get credit card if your earning is under 1.2 Lakh/anum and still bank allows you to get card with some monthly or yearly fees.
  •     If your hosting fees/online purchase are possible with paxum or entropay then there is no need to get credit card. You can just connect your Visa/Mastercard Debit card to these services and use it depending on your needs.

In my opinion getting a credit card based on your fixed deposit and savings account is the only way to get credit card for affiliates/bloggers or freelancers. You should definitely approach union bank and axis bank in your city to see how can you open savings account with fixed deposit and then to apply for credit card. ICICI/HDFC and SBI are relatively selective for their credit card applicants and in that case you need to see if there is any suitable credit card plan for you. Feel free to comment for suggestions, corrections and questions that you have related to this post.