How to Get Google Adsense Application Approval

Google adsense is one of the profitable display ads program that pays to publisher by following CPC model. If you get targeted traffic to your blog or website then making a decent sum of earning from google adsense is not difficult.

In case of Asian publishers getting application approved takes time as human moderators review the content or website. If your blog or website is just few days or weeks old then it is likely to get disapproved by adsense moderator or managers. Follow the steps mentioned in this post to get your application approved quickly.

Method 1 – Applying to Google adsense via Hubpages

Hubpages has Google Adsense API enabled on their system so by signing up to their system you can get quick approval. Make sure you apply to google adsense from their publisher settings using your hubpages profile URL. By choosing profile URL it becomes easy for them to evaluate your content.

  •     Sign Up to Hubpages here.
  •     Write 400 words grammatically correct, non-plagiarized, quality hubs.
  •     Make sure you atleast write 10 hubs before applying to google adsense.
  •     Use your profile URL in application. (e.g. hubpages.com/profile/username)

Method 2 – Applying to Google Adsense using Blogger

Blogger blogs are moderated by google so if you’re writing regular quality content on blog then it’s easy to get approval. You should write 300 word blog posts for atleast 10-15 days before applying.

  •     Choose a good title and design for your blogger blog.
  •     Write 300 words blog posts that has capability of generating traffic.
  •     Make sure you have atleast 20 quality blog posts before sending application.

Method 3 – Applying using your own custom domain name/host

This method is costly but if you’re not yet approved by google then i’m sure you’re trying for other monetization alternatives. In order to get approval for your own site follow these tips.

  •     Get your own domain name from Namecheap. (Be it .com or .net or other regional domain)
  •     Make sure there is no adult/illegal content on your site, domain name.
  •     Try to get atleast 10-20 pages or posts on your own site before making application.
  •     Use a better host which has less downtime. (Google staff is less likely to approve site which goes down regularly)

These are some of the methods which can be used to get quick google approval. Some things to note before applying -

  •     Never copy content from others, not even for the sake of quotes. (Use moderated quoting)
  •     Avoid adult, celeb, aunty type of content on your blogs/sites. (Even if someone tells you they’re good earners, avoid that route)
  •     Write minimum 300 word posts on your blog/site.
  •     Follow google adsense rules for content and ad placement.

By following these tips you can get google adsense approval in much quicker way. In some cases google adsense expect you to wait for six months if they found application suspicious. In such case build your blogger blog, hubpages hubs or site in such way that you generate more visitors, so that later you can benefit from the adsense.