Paxum Plastic Mastercard for Indian Users

Indian central government is enforcing their strict control over fund transfer offshore. They recently enforced paxum as well and because of which indians can no longer get mastercard from paxum. This is one of the big change that happened this year and now only option left is either ask for cheque or get money via bank or wire transfer.

Bank and Wire transfers usually costs anywhere between -5$ to 15$ depending on the amount. So the affordable option left to indian citizens is using cheque option. So those who have bank accounts with limited feature ATM card and have no online shopping features are restricted. For these members this is bad news and they can no longer get pre-paid card from other merchants. Only method left for these members is using the wire transfer and cheque option.

If you open account at paxum and check the tab -’request mastercard’ then you’ll see following message.

    Central Bank of India prohibits Indian nationals to be issued a prepaid credit card. You can use the system as before, the only affected function is the credit card.

Expect this change to remain in effect until some external bank comes and solves money transfer and pre-paid card issue. Till then you’re stuck with local ATM card and limited online banking features of our top quality banks. If you want to solve this issue for yourself only option left for you is to get credit card of minimum monthly fees, otherwise use entropay or alternate payment processors like alertpay, Liberty reserve to buy virtual credit card numbers for shopping.