Paypal Alternative – Using IDBI Debit Card with Entropay Payment Processor

Paypal is one of the popular payment processor on the internet. Many freelancing websites use paypal as payment gateway and allows you to purchase/hire freelancing service. If you use IDBI debit card then chances are there that you can’t use it on paypal payment gateway as paypal restricts indian debit cards from being used on their platform.

In such case you can sign up to alternate payment processors service that generates virtual credit cards to process the transaction. IDBI International debit card can be used in virtual credit card services like paxum, entropay which in turn allows you to shop on paypal gateway.

In order to get your virtual credit card via entropay/paxum using IDBI international debit card follow these steps.

  •     Sign up to IDBI’s Internet Gateway Service to enable Internet Transactions on your IDBI International Debit Card.
  •     Once you set up your IDBI Debit card, keep your password and username e-mail at safe place.
  •     Sign up at entropay or paxum and fill the necessary form to connect your card with their virtual credit card gateway service.
  •     Load the Virtual card with the amount that you need for shopping, to pay hosting bills etc.
  •     Use the virtual credit card details to shop on paypal payment gateway, webmoney/moneybookers gateway. This card is valid on almost any payment gateway service.

Same procedure goes for paxum but the processing amount charges and the fees per transaction varies for paxum and entropay. So use the one which is more affordable to you in terms of currency conversion.

Note – You can’t use this service to verify your paypal, webmoney or moneybookers account verification. These cards being virtual (no permanent numbers) can’t be used for verification purpose.

These cards/numbers are use and throw type unless ofcourse if you issue plastic card with specific number. These virtual credit cards are similar to HDFC netsafe cards where number generated is of use for either single use or upto the balance of loaded card. In case of paxum and entropay you can use the same card till you have validity date but to continue using it requires cash loading.