Paypal India Check Withdrawal Minimum Amount Limitation

Ever since paypal decided to follow the guidelines of RBI some of the strict rules are coming out for members. Large percentage of the merchants and freelancers from india are getting paid via paypal, who feel the most pains.

This change is likely to affect many users on various earning levels. For example, those who are earning more than 500$ per day are going to get paid in phases by clients to avoid getting stop payments from both RBI and paypal.

If you want to get money from your paypal account then there are two methods available. First is withdrawal directly to your bank account and second is by asking for check in your local currency. The problem paypal is going to cause is the name conflicts.

For example, if person with name ” rajiv anand shukla” should have his fathers name included in his paypal account as well if he’s using the same name format in his bank account. Dumb paypal and our indian bank authorities will consider this as name conflict and will return the amount back to your paypal account.

You need to change the name format again and have to request the payment. This is very painful for those who are earning money online and want to transfer thier funds to bank.

Many payment processors like alertpay, web money and amazon web pay are not used by affiliate networks or ad networks and some intelligent ad networks assume that if you’re not listed with paypal’s authorized country then chances of you being spammer is more. When i found out this logic from one affiliate manager i realized that dumbness in this world has no limits.

Coming back to topic,your check withdrawal to bank option is not going to work if you’ve name conflict issues with paypal profile. In such case make sure you open another account or change the name format by providing documentation (license, pan card number in same name format, bank account details in same name format to resolve).

Also withdrawal using check requirement is set to 150$ for indian users just to screw indians on their system. You can’t get check for amount less than 150$ after 1st march 2011. I just hope paypal revises this policy. I know this is very painful but this is what happens to people who use paypal.