Virtual Credit Cards for Indian Freelancers, Bloggers and Affiliates

Paypal denied to operate like a bank in india and for that reason many services of paypal are now limited for indian users. This makes it hard for many indian freelancers or bloggers to use paypal for shopping or for purchase.

 If any paypal user has no debit or credit card then chances are there that they’ll find it hard to operate paypal. In such a case they’ve option of getting a credit card from their bank services or debit card which comes with their savings account or use virtual credit card service.

In this post i’m going to review some of the virtual credit card services that are available to indians (and anyone who can’t use paypal worldwide).

Entropay – They’re not exactly like paypal but they allow you to generate a virtual credit card with specific amount in it. They charge 1.95$ per transaction(*refer to official faq/docs for recent changes) and 4.95% per refilling amount in credit card. If you want plastic card to store your online income and to withdraw it in ATM, you need to spend 9.95$ plus additional taxes and shipping charges. Note – You need to connect your visa/master card/debit to this service in order to generate virtual credit card numbers for safe transactions. As you can’t use visa-lite or maestro cards with this service, you need to upgrade your credit or debit cards to visa/mastercards that allow internet shopping.

Paxum – Most of the canadian affiliate services or mechants pay their affiliates using this service. You’ll get services similar to entropay, the rates are much better than entropay. It’s a bit costly to get plastic card for indians but you can still use this service for generating virtual credit card numbers for your shopping. If you issue card then they’ll charge yearly fee of 44.95$ and additional service taxes with it. There is also limit for the amount that is being sent from the personal account. Entropay or paxum, either one of them will suit your needs to buy hosting, domains or other internet services using virtual credit card.

Both paxum and entropay allows you to get money on your account if it is sent via credit/debit or other bank transfer mode.

Clickandbuy – It’s payment processing system with limited features like shopping, send and recieve money facility and few other normal payment processor features. It’s not as powerful as entropay or paxum but it can be used to accept money or donation from your site.

HDFC Netsafe Card Service
– HDFC allows virtual card generating service for debit and credit card/saving account users. You can generate single transaction number that works for 48 hours. This type of virtual credit card generation service is much better because you can feel secure about the unused balance from the card and also it ensures safe shopping.

ICICI also offers similar service with which you can buy prepaid cards that can be used for limited time and as they carry no personal information, you don’t need to worry about the privacy.