3 Paypal Alternatives for Freelancers

Paypal’s recent changes affected freelancers all over the world. Now paypal doesn’t let members of many asian and european countries to keep balance in their account. This doesn’t stop here because paypal also restricts you from sending or receiving more than 500$ per transaction.

Paypal users who are having this issue also found that they’re not allowed to transfer money to the paypal member from the same country. So you can see these are some strict conditions under which freelancers are supposed to work. Is there any way out of this ? Yes. But things are not that easy with other payment processors. So let’s take a look at some of the other paypal alternatives which you can use as freelancer.

Moneybookers – Moneybooker has NO limitation of 500$/transaction for asian users. But they do charge more fees than paypal for bigger transactions. There is also limit of how much you can keep in your account or send/receive from it. Moneybookers expects you to verify address and credit card or debit card. If you dont have any debit card or credit card then still you’re allowed to do wire transfer or check option. They also have dispute option for members to settle their payments or other transfer issues. Moneybookers is one good choice for money transfer if your country has no paypal or there are restrictions issued by paypal.

Okpay - This payment processor is relatively new to the payment processor marketplace. They’re from europe and provide competitive payment processing options for freelancers, merchants. Wire transfer and debit card withdrawals are expensive but check option seems to be much cheaper than paypal or any other payment processor. Okpay also offers debit card based on online account balance (not availble for india/iran).

Alertpay – If you don’t get accepted in any of the payment processor mentioned earlier then this is the only payment processor left for you. Alertpay is known for high transactions fees, so unless you have other options closed, better not choose alertpay. Alertpay requires you to verify your account using mobile and debit/credit card if you wish to transfer more than 500$ to bank or check.

There are many other payment processors but it’s hard to get buyers of your project to use them or even pay you using them. Also some payment processors like liberty reserve, webmoney, payweb are hard to manage in terms of funds and withdrawals. So choose one of the three payment processors mentioned earlier.

Note – All these payment processors allow you option of withdrawing money to your bank via wire transfer or check. But in case if this facility is not available for your country then you should consider choosing exchanger. By using exchanger you can transfer the funds to payment processor of your choice from where you can move the funds to bank via SWIFT or check. There are many exchangers available out there but you need to make sure they’re genuine, so only exchange if you’re convinced with the reviews on them.