Freelance Writing Scams – How To Avoid A Freelance Writing Scam

Writing for online business or magazines as freelancer is nice way to start earning money. But there are situations where you’re likely to end up with empty handed due to business practices of individuals and corporate companies. There are many sites which offer marketplace for freelancers and buyers but if you don’t pay attention then chances are there that merchant is likely to take advantage of you.

Freelance writing scams come in various types – some sites charge you for posting content on their website, some ebooks charge you only to show you some simple steps of signing up to revenue sharing content networks and then there are some freelance scams which claims to make you rich working from home. If you’re new to writing online then you need to avoid these freelance writing scams. In this article you’ll find some of the online writing scams that are likely to hit you if you offer services on sites like odesk, elance, guru and freelancer.com sites.

Freelance Writing Ebooks and Training Course Scam

There are many membership sites which asks you to pay 67$ or 30$ per month for freelance writing lessons and the tricks of trade. You need to avoid these sites as they don’t offer any real advantage to you as freelnace writer. There are some ebooks and courses that teaches you how to write online and for others, these type of resources are totally junk and usually created from the free material already available on the web. If you want to learn freelance writing then start taking jobs on freelancing sites and learn from your mistakes.

Agent Connection Freelance Writing Scam

In this type of scam, some sites acts as agent between you and client and in process middle agent takes your content before giving it to client. This process has many loopholes and freelance writer is likely to get denied for his work when in reality his work is submitted to and paid by the client. Some agents also charge you to show the list of prospective clients, so if any site is asking you to pay for the freelance writing job then it’s better to avoid it.

Display Content Freelance Writing Scam

In this type of scam freelancers are supposed to write for the company without upfront payment. Why this is scam ? Company makes money by selling your content or by displaying ads on your content and gives you 0.0001cent or even lower revenue share per month. If any content writing site asks you to do display content job then make sure you refuse it without taking a look at the offer. You’ll do much better in earning than writing for display program.

Final Payment or Upfront Payment

No matter from which site or client you accept your deal, always ask for half or some percentage of upfront payment. This is to ensure that client don’t run away from the deal after getting the content. Also make sure that they pay you completely before you send them final work. Many sites have their own criteria for the upfront payment or escrow system, so choose such sites as they offer you more security in freelance writing deal. Make sure that you also get final payment as per the terms of the site and upon failure notify the payment processor about this deal.

These are some of known scams in freelance writing marketplace. There are likely to be more as you hit walls in business but you’ve enough ground to stay alert in marketplace from the above information.