Good, Bad and Ugly Life

I’m not talking about that old film in this blog post. This post is about three different situations in life where you really feel like floor is taken away from you. I know i’m not clear with many of my thoughts and this post is no different. So cutting the formal stuff let’s get into our brain-whipping session.

Good Situation – In this situation anything life throws at you feels good. You help other people without expecting anything in return and there is no limit how long you keep helping other people. Some times your good karma gets you off some dirty situations because you helped many people.

Bad Situation – No matter how much you act good with people, they’ll throw tomatoes on you. You have no place in their life other than some punchbag that they need when they’re looking for help or vent. Even worst some people will just use you and move on with their life.

Ugly Situation – This is the worst situation where you really feel leaning towards negative thoughts in life. If you’re into this situation then people are surely going to laugh on you and make fun of you. Don’t forget in this state of mind, they’re all ready to take advantage of you in any way possible. You’ll really feel stressed in this type of life and add to that you’ll also literally feel like quitting from everything.

What to do and how to react in these three situations ? I’m not going to tell you because i’m not in your shoes and also not familiar with your other dependent situations. Remember to pull out from this situation. Be a hero or vilian, do whatever it takes and just pull yourself out from any situation where people laugh at you.