Hosted E-mail Solutions for Freelancers and Small Business

Small business and freelancers should always use custom email solutions for their usage. By using popular email hosting like gmail, hotmail and yahoo they’re risking their data on these networks.

If you want uninterrupted spam-free email solutions without any strings attached then choosing your own mail hosting is a good choice. In this post i’m going to review some popular email hosting services which are suitable for freelancers and small business.


Fusemail offers email hosting, archiving and mailing list solutions at an affordable cost. The price starts from 2$/user/month. If you need technical support then that cost will get 10$ additional for support.

They offer mail solution for desktop, iphone and web at no extra cost. Storage is of high capacity compared to any other mail solution out there. You get 100GB mailbox per user in your group domain.

They’re providing free and paid email services to users since 1999. Earlier their free email box used to have larger capacity but these days it is reduced to 25mb. If you want to test drive their email service then you can use free service before you opt for paid service.

They have family and business plan for those who have such needs. Business accounts have cost of about 90$ for 5 accounts. Personal accounts for family on same domain costs at 4.95/user/month and addition if you need more features.

User interface is not much improved over these years but it is ad-free for business accounts and is good at spam filtering and other mail features.


Tuffmail is known for their better anti-spam service and email hosting. But they do have relatively high price tag for multi-user accounts.Single user accounts are cheaper and are charged quarterly. They have relatively small inbox size compared to other email services. Higher storage is costly which is the big disadvantage in my opinion. User interface of tuffmail is also less attractive and looks like a failed attempt of web 2.0 design.

They’ve some cheaper plans for small business and groups. Not sure if they’re good for freelancers considering they have one time setup fee and monthly minimum tag of 20$. But they have fair storage capacity and the high number of accounts under this price tag which makes it justifiable at the end.

Apptix offers mail service through web and mobile. You get 25GB of mailbox per user and total 5 users in their advantage plan at cost 9$/month. This seems to be the affordable plan for freelancers. There are other plans which are suitable for small and medium size business.

Rackspace provides quality mail hosting service at cheap cost. You get 2$/user account with 10GB storage and if you need support then it costs 10$ extra. Considering the reliability of their cloud hosting and backup solutions i recommend them to anyone who needs business class mail hosting. There are many areas where they need to improve in their mail hosting service and i’m sure they’ll surely improve