How to Identify Work at Home Scams

The idea of working from home sounds very interesting and there are plenty of courses and guides which allow you learn more about it. You need to understand that these work from home guides are usually misleading and over-expensive considering the value that you get from it. In this article we’ll see how to find out if any work from scheme is scam or not. Please take this article as pointer and instead of only relying on information in this article, you should do your own research.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelancing is the first preference for those who want to work from home. There are many freelance guides or courses which teaches you simple things like how to sign up to sites and how to pick clients. This type of information on these courses is very generic and easily available for free on any article writing or personal blogging site. Never ever pay for any freelance writing sites or courses, guides. Those freelance writing scam courses are garbage and meant to get money out of your pocket. Read more for information related to freelance writing.

Paid To Click

These small sites usually pay 0.00001 or less for every click on their advertisers links. You need to avoid these sites and programs for obvious reasons. It takes 3-6 months to even reach 5$ with such sites. You don’t want to starve yourself getting into referral chains or clicking chains with such low earning. PTC is not at all work from home solution so don’t even think about it no matter how someone tempts you with their 2-10$ in paypal.

Google Home Business Kit

Work from home has another scam hit called google home business kit. These guys basically tell you about working from home using adsense ads. Remember that though this type of small guides and courses don’t appear unauthentic but they provide no real value for your money. I mean start a website, slap adsense ads and write articles type of advice doesn’t deserve to be subscribed via membership course or guide.

Work from Typing

Some jobs ask you to write 400-600 articles for them at low cost and from there they expect you to earn thousands of dollars. When you spent too much time with clients then they just use your work by paying less to you and in turn you get less value for your job. Another scam in the typist work from home scheme is that they want you to create referral to sell this course and this way even you appear as scammer.

Get Paid to Read Email

This is another PTC variation where you get paid for reading email or paid to advertise. These ads or emails pays 1$ for 1000 ads or even low amount. You see there is nothing that you can do with these schemes on win-win basis.


Some products or TV shop seller are looking for franchise in order to sell their less selling products. It’s really hard to sell the products in pyramid schemes and they also ask you to create referrals under you in order to get your money back in their investors scheme. The products in the scheme are also priced so high for simple items in order to pay affiliates and that way it’s hard to generate sale.

These are few example of work from home scams which you need to avoid at all cost. There are few other tips i want to give you to those who are looking for work from home.

  •     There is no salary or work gurantee in freelance work. You get paid for what you do or for work completion.
  •     Freelance market doesn’t require you any fee for sign up.
  •     Don’t give any personal information on skype or on emails, forums etc.
  •     Search using google, blekko, bing for company’s scam history or credibility.
  •     If anyone is asking you to pay them before for working under them then it’s scam.
  •     Don’t join any list or chain mails which promises you any money.

I hope the information in this article will help those who are looking for work at home jobs or freelancing work.