How to Register Domains using Alertpay, Liberty Reserve and Webmoney

Every domain registrar on the internet has support for paypal as payment processor for their service. But not all countries are covered by paypal or it’s shopping cart.

Indians can still access paypal services but they can’t hold the balance online and that makes it hard for many freelancers, students to use it to register domains. If you’re freelancers and want to register domain or hosting without using your paypal then keep reading this post for more information.

Gossimer - This site allows you to register your domain or hosting and accepts liberty reserve, alertpay, paypal and webmoney as payment processor.

Xttraorbit - Their sales pitch for the hosting seems to be a weird bait but they do look like genuine seller of hosting and domains. You can use alertpay, e-gold, webmoney and paypal on xtraorbit to pay your domain bills.

Graficonet – Design is very odd for any hosting or domain registrar. Anyway, you can register domains here using your other payment processors. They’re accepting alertpay, webmoney, paypal and other shopping cart payment processors.

Domain registration sites mentioned here are likely to be genuine because they’re in business for more than 2-3 years. I’m not going to suggest you to get hosting from these merchants so do it at your own risk.

Make sure that no matter where you host your content, if they’re hosted on reseller panel then chances are there that these are fly-by-night type of sites are likely to shutdown. So do your own research and consult with other customers of same site, read reviews and ask on twitter or facebook for advice before choosing any domain registrar.