Improving your Website Design for Humans

These days almost everybody is after search engines and the crawler’s impression of how site looks and behaves, but no-one is paying attention to humans anymore. After all humans are the one who click on your ads or buy from your affiliate link. Your first priority should be developing site for human readers. Take a look at this small checklist to improve your site for human readers.

Accessibility – How easy it is to use your site ? Is navigation accessible to users ? or bread-crumb navigation is functioning ? If your site is navigable using sitemap and navigation menus then it’s good for both search engines and human readers.

User Interface – This is very subjective area but requires in depth research as it depends on niche. You can’t keep white simple page to your valentine’s day sale site. You need to adapt user interface in order to attract customers and readers. For informational sites you can keep simple interfaces but for sales/shopping sites, more stuffed content is always better.

Social Media – If you’re making profit from any site then it’s always better to have social media buttons enabled at the bottom of the page. Make sure that these buttons are not in conflict with the ads or the affiliate banners. If they are in conflict then chances of the revenue going down with the leak is more from those pages. So use social media buttons with little testing. Purpose of social media buttons is that your website becomes easy to share and bookmark, which in turn brings more traffic to your site.
These three are just few pointers for improving your website design.