Working and Surviving in Closed Group

If you get your work done by analyzing the person in front of you then i’m sure you’ve some idea about closed group. You can find closed group in many situations- be it sports team, religion, music band fan group, website fan group etc. If you’re forced to work or want to with such groups then it’ll be very hard for you to get your work done unless you understand how group works. Each closed groups has it’s own commandments or say some ethics, policy. If you walk on wrong side of their rules chances are there that you’ll find it hard to get your work done.

If you want to get your work done from closed group then -

    You need to observe the mood swing and the timing of such group.
    Find the safe and open person in the group who is ready to adjust with person outside this closed group.
    Always approach positively even if you unable to get your work done (who knows you can get them back).
    Never show resistance or opinion which is opposite to their group symbol.

It’s not easy to get adjusted with any closed group. Always show interest in new people and get your work done.